NO DAYS OFF... Even When You're Working From Home!

Why Resistance Bands


Your NDOband has been built to work you out 7 times a day for 4 years straight before a replacement is ever needed.

And guess what? When that time comes, simply shoot us an email and we’ll replace your band for free.

You’re in this for the long haul. We are too. 


Sure, the NDOband is made of military grade latex rubber. Sure it's a serious workout tool used by dozens of C-level execs, professional athletes and Hollywood trainers. 

But just because the NDOband is strong – and will make you even stronger – we like to think its damn sexy, too. Mix and match 7 different stylish colorways to not only nail your workouts, but also your style game.

" These truly are versatile and you’re only limited by your imagination on how to use this system! "

Karen C.


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