when you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant

About Us

We’ve been using bands for years because of how extremely versatile they are.  We work a lot and travel often. Usually when one of us is traveling we make up workouts, and share it with the other. April 2017 we were training for the Brooklyn marathon.  We would wrap our bands around our wrists a few days a week so we can take our workouts with us on the runs, and also because the bands are beyond amazing for keeping loose.
After a couple weeks, one color wasn’t enough.  We had these ‘wristbands’ we were wearing almost everyday and wanted more colors to match our gear.  That’s how it all started.  And ultimately, NO DAYS OFF is what most aptly characterizes what we athletes live by....
Now we want to help you customize your own bands.  It's not just a fitness tool, it's a way to make your brand stick out!
Are you with the band?